The Foundry specialty Siding

Vinyl siding by the Foundry uses expertly designed details to look like the real thing...


Among the several options for specialty vinyl siding available through the Foundry collection is the Stone and Brick line, which is expertly designed to evoke real masonry. Buyers that want the exterior of their home to look striking and memorable can choose from three different types of siding: stacked stone, brick panel and limestone.

Each option is molded for detail and features an appealing color palette that gives a wall personality, combining the look of genuine stone with the durability and practicality of vinyl siding. The pieces lock together and are designed to be seamless. They are also compatible with other siding options from the Foundry, including shingles, to create a general coherence about the house.

The stacked stone and limestone options deliver patterns of strong, easily-defined geometric shapes, while the brick siding draws from actual kiln-fired clay to give it the appropriate texture. Buyers have four different color options, from natural clay to white, available through the Foundry catalog downloadable from our site, all of which can stretch the entire length of an outside wall for a stark definition that feels genuine.

Adaptable to various styles of buildings, these siding pieces are useful for changing the traditional look of a house and granting it the charm of a traditional stone-fronted home. If the property is surrounded by real stone or concrete, you can choose the siding that most complements these other materials and makes the home fit in with its surroundings. On top of all that, the easy installation will save you time.

You can find out more about this and other Foundry lines by looking through our product categories. Larson Shutter Company can help you find and install custom shutters and other related improvements to the exterior of your home.

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