Girardin Closed Louver Polymer Vinyl Shutters

Louvered vinyl shutters are available in Straight Top or Cathedral Top Design

Louvered vinyl shutters are a very popular style of shutters that are available for your home today. These Girardin shutters are a one piece design that feature a closed louver. The closed louver shutter style may be a good choice, especially if you don't want to see through the louvers and see the house siding behind the shutters.

One other function of a closed louver shutter is the bugs won't be able to crawl through the louvers and build their home behind your shutters. Our Girardin closed louvered vinyl shutters are hollow in the back like all vinyl shutters and are used for decoration and not as a functioning shutter.

If you are looking for the lowest cost then the 14" wide shutters in the straight top style will be your best choice.