Premium Mortise and Tenon Joinery Custom Exterior Cedar Shutters

Southern Shutter Company Cedar Exterior ShuttersTop quality custom cedar shutters for distinctive homes. We are confident you will not find a better shutter than Southern Shutter Company builds. Choices are what you will get because there are three levels of quality custom exterior shutters to choose from. Every one of the levels gets you mortise and tenon joints so you can be assured that your custom cedar shutters will last. The "Standard" level will be the low price and lighter duty choice. The "Heavy Duty" level gets you exactly what the name implies plus more choices, details and sizes to choose from including dropped rails and beaded side stiles. The top of the line "Designline" level gets you unmatched choices and custom options and styles along with different louver choices like the traditional louver or a European louver style. Browse our exterior cedar shutters for sale!

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