Traditional Bronze Hardware for Gates,
Doors, Shutters, Barns, Window, and Carriage Doors.

Our Coastal Bronze hardware was created to provide a reliable and cost effective source for solid bronze gate hardware in rustic old world designs for coastal areas and rustic settings. Larson's Bronze products fill a gap that has existed for years in window shutter hardware lines for these types of products.

As a supplier of Coastal Bronze hardware, we have chosen old traditional designs that have been around for hundreds of years. We specialize in rustic gate hardware for wood or metal gates, traditional door hardware along with barn hardware and a complete line of strap hinges that will accent any gate or door. And just added to the collection you will find a complete line of window shutter hardware. With a focus on gate hardware, we fill a gap in the hardware industry for a product that will never rust in extreme outdoor conditions. As the Coastal Bronze window shutter hardware ages, the product will form a lovely greenish patina.