Premium Cedar Wood Board and Batten Exterior Shutters

Exterior cedar Board and Batten shutters by Southern Shutter Company inspire a Mediterranean feel. By incorporating the Z-board, Board and Batten cedar exterior shutters reflect classic Ranch style architecture.

Constructed from 1" thick equally spaced, custom sized boards. Board width is determined by overall shutter width and Board count, which may be specified to achieve custom board counts.

Each shutter joint of these cedar Board and Batten shutters has stainless steel screws, as well as a wood pegs, preventing any possibility of sagging over time. This time tested construction method is further enhanced by the use of Franklin type 3, water proof exterior glue.

Western red Cedar, a naturally decay-resistant wood, is the preferred choice for this exterior shutter application. Straight and light in weight, nothing matches the performance of Western Red Cedar exterior shutters.