Coastal Bronze Collection of Bronze Shutter Hardware

If you live by the water you know the effects that the ocean salt air has on any metal that is exposed. We have the solution...


Adding a memorable, weathered look to exterior features on a home, the bronze hardware available in our store gives you the means to make doors, windows and gates stand out. They vary from non-active pieces to hinges, shutter straps and latches. Some of these make perfect additions to shutters, so you can customize any you order from us.

One of the most distinctive features of this bronze hardware line is the color, which can transform a design element into something that looks more long-lived than standard metal. However, these old-fashioned additions won't rust the way that some metal features do, which ensures a long-lasting visual effect to make a home distinctive. There are also several handle-style features available, including ring pulls and knobs on plates. Latches comes with the hook and mortise plates needed to make installation easy.

By combining items in this section of our store with durable, long-lasting custom shutters, your building's exterior will have its own unique look and the assurance that it will last for a long time. Because they are intended to be affordable, all of our bronze shutter hardware pieces are easy to order and work with, no matter which shutters you are using. The best pieces in the bronze hardware line won't just stand out for their sturdiness, but for the value they lend the shutter itself and the home as a whole.

This is just one subset of the different categories of hardware we sell to make mounting and displaying shutters possible. You can read about the other shutter hardware styles available on our main page. We stock equipment made from different materials, including steel and aluminum, as well as some items that are meant to match with specific shutter models.

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