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If you visit the Atlantic Premium Shutters section of our site, you will notice that we offer two different collections under this product line. Let's take a closer look at the separate features offered by each and why you might want to consider them for your home's exterior. Although each subsection contains a variety of shutter styles, there are some factors that could make each one more appropriate to your specific home.

Here are a few of the key points that define each collection. The Architectural Collection is the highest quality shutters available for home owners that require the best. The Classic Collection is a lower price point however they are still a very worthy choice for your home since they are also made by Atlantic Premium Shutters with the same attention to detail that the Architectural Collection is.

  • Material used: The Architectural Collection is constructed with pultruded fiberglass and high density PVC and certain areas of the shutters use a proprietary composite material. The Classic collection shutters are made entirely from a special wood composite material, which is the same material that the raised panel portion of shutters in the Architectural collection used.
  • Warranty: Architectural shutters are subject to a complete limited lifetime warranty. In contrast, the warranty options for the Classic shutters are more specified, with separate ten-year component and factory finish coverage.
  • Style differences: Both collections have Louvers and Raised Panels, but the Architectural Collection has some variations, including "combination shutters" that feature mixed-and-matched types of shutters into one piece, and the Bahama shutters that make a distinctive option for controlling the amount of light that enters into a room from the outside, among other things.
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