Mailbox and post solutions

Dress up the outside of your home with a classy mailbox and post solution from Larson's...


We have multiple solutions to help you make it easier for the post office to drop mail off at your home. Houses on large plots of land or with long driveways make it challenging for mail carriers to know where to leave letters and parcels, but you can simplify things with a clearly defined spot.

First, under our Door & Window Specialty Item section, we sell a cast-iron letter slot that can easily be attached to a door. There's an old-fashioned style to the lettering and metal work, including the word LETTERS placed clearly and centrally on the flap, and each item comes with all of the hardware needed to mount it successfully.

That's a fine option for doors, but when the mail needs to be deposited further away from the house, a standard mailbox is a more plausible solution. We have several examples of those in our Patio, Yard & Garden Decor section, courtesy of the Lazy Hill Farm designs.

Customers can choose between green, white and black mailboxes that are sturdy and easy to see from a distance. The color coating is designed to withstand extensive exposure to the outdoors, and the right hue paired with your mailbox will make your address pop to the naked eye.

To make sure your mailbox stays locked in place, we offer stained cedar posts, which are long enough to be planted up to 30 inches into the ground. Choose from the Sovereign or Canterbury designs, or select a Duplex post, which features a separate nook under the mailbox where extra items, like newspapers, can be stored and retrieved later.

Collecting mail is difficult if you don't have a clearly defined space for it. Look at our catalog for more information on these items.

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