Vinyl shutter S hook accessory

Information about one of the accessories available to dress up your vinyl shutters...


It's easy to add a touch of visual interest and accent a house's shutter with an S-hook. Available in packages alongside old-style hinges, the decorative S-hook can match the style and look of these pieces, or simply be attached to the shutters themselves with the included mounting screws. These vinyl ornaments are good accompaniments to a number of different makes and styles of shutters we sell on our site.

Whether you're interested in PlacerCraft Polymer Vinyl, PSI Dura-Prene Vinyl or Mid-America Vinyl Shutters, you have the option of adding an S-hook to make them stand out in a way that they wouldn't otherwise. For an affordable price, you can order two of these at once to match a pair of shutters you have in mind, and install them without hurting the shutter pieces or making them less durable.

On top of that, you can coordinate their orders to correspond to the way they intend to place shutters on their home. For example, if you are just adding a single pair of shutters, you can add place one order of the S-hooks individual pair.

On the other hand, if you're looking at a larger project that involves many shutters, the Decorative Vinyl S-Hook and Hinge Sets, a box of six separate packets that includes hooks and hinges together, could be the better option. Either way, you can purchase these at the same time as the shutters themselves to simplify the installation process.

Homeowners should think big when it comes to the way they customize their decorative shutters, and the S-hooks will give any shutter they are applied to an extra bit of distinction. You can find out more information about these and related shutter hardware options under the Vinyl Shutter Hardware section of our site.

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