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Composite Shutters

Do you need an alternative to standard wood shutters that will withstand the elements? Rockbridge Exterior Composite Window Shutters are created with a long-lasting wood composite material, Extira, that mimics the feel of the real thing but is longer lasting and doesn't require as much maintenance. You'll get the same exterior design options with this composite as regular wood without toxic chemical byproducts such as emissions.

As you can see from the official Extira page on our site, this composite is made up of wood, phenolic resins and zinc borate, and it's the last two ingredients are what make this material resistant to water and termites. Composite shutters have increased durability when treated with water-borne PPG break-through paint, making them visually attractive as well as resistant to the elements. This means that these shutters will last for years, proving to be cost-effective additions to the home.

If you want to continue playing off of the similarity between these composite shutters and traditional wooden architecture, you can choose one of the different styles available that resembles a classic home look.

The Board & Batten composite shutters we sell, for example, feature a design that imitates the wooden boards used in older American homes, only one that will last longer due to rot protection. It's a strong combination of the look and feel of wooden shutters and the more modern convenience of vinyl.

Extira has been tested and approved as a material that will resist natural hazards, but it's not the only composite material featured on our site. The Atlantic Premium Shutters Architectural and Classic Collections involve composite ingredients for several models, including Louvers and Raised Panels. The Architectural Collection is also guaranteed not to rot.

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