Western Red Cedar Movable louver mortise and tenon exterior shutters

Here are a few reasons to consider these operable shutters and what they can offer your home...


While Larson Shutter Company's catalog features many fine examples of decorative shutters, we also offer this selection for those who want window shutters that have operable louvers they can operate. Made in a classic Southern style, these Western Red Cedar Louver Shutters are both attractive additions to a home and an accessible way to adjust the natural light settings of a room from inside.

Occupants can use the tilt control rod on these shutters and manipulate the louvers for air and view control, leaving them opened or closed to meet the changes in the weather and the sun. By purchasing and installing them, your house can have not only a functional but a historical feel that goes beyond just looks.

Here are a few reasons to consider these shutters and what they can offer your home:

  • Resistance to weather and rot: Closing the shutters can grant the window a little extra protection from strong winds. The shutters themselves are specially suited to outdoor use because the Red Cedar they are made out of is slow to decay. Other variations, like Spanish Cedar and African Mahogany, are also available.
  • Custom finishing: Customers have two options for treating their shutters: Spray Primed or Primed and Finished. For Spray Priming, we sand the shutter and apply a primer coat, whereas the Primed and Finished shutters also receive an extra user-selected finishing coat.
  • Easy to install and use: To hang these shutters successfully, owners can adapt them to different spaces with other hardware available on our site. As the diagram included on this page shows, the shutters with a control rod in the center that is easy to grasp. The construction is Mortise & Tenon-based for a simple, reliable design.

We have three different sizes of classic Plantation shutters available in our store. Visit their individual pages or call us at 1-800-675-6555 for more information.

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