Real samples of shutters available

Shutters can be expensive and custom are not returnable. Narrow down on the style and product that fits your needs and order a small sample of that product before buying a whole house full of shutters can save you money.


Before you purchase the shutters you are considering for your home, you can get a sample sent straight to your door. This is a useful way to learn more about the shutter firsthand and let you see the material up close, so there won't be any surprises when you finally decide to buy these shutters.

Larson Shutter Company specifically offers samples of the Atlantic Premium and Rockbridge Composite shutters. The Atlantic samples come in custom style and color selections you can choose from on our website, while the Rockbridge samples will show you what a prime or primed & painted version would look like.

Here are some basic reasons why it's good to get a shutter sample sent to you before you buy:

  • Compare styles up close: If you already have shutters on your home, ordering a sample in a different style will allow you to compare them and see which you should add to your exterior. This could be an inspiration to change the overall type of shutters you use if you like the new pieces more. We feature Raised Panel, Louver and Board & Batten samples in both the Rockbridge and Atlantic lines.
  • Get a sense of size: Both samples are roughly the same size, with the Atlantic samples slightly larger than the Rockbridge ones. In both cases, you can use these samples to judge how the larger full shutters will fit onto your windows.
  • Make the right decision: In whatever style or material you choose, the sample could be a simple way to finally decide between one of these composites or styles. Since we sell two lines of Atlantic shutters, the Architectural and Classic Collections, ordering a sample of either one (or both) will make picking the one you like best easier.

Visit our site or call us at 1-800-675-6555 if you want to learn more.

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