Shutter mounting guides

Install your shutters with the correct hardware and they will last a lifetime...


Putting shutters into place correctly is essential to getting the most out of them, and Larson Shutter Company makes it easy to do this with little personal experience. You can find lots of different tools for proper installation in our store online, as well as free detailed instructions with images to help guide you through the various steps involved. Anyone who hasn't worked with these shutters before can still set them up efficiently with help from us.

One hardware package we offer is our set of fixed mounting brackets for Atlantic shutters. Along with the caulking and screws you will need for efficient installation, these kits contain four slotted polycarbonate brackets to be attached to a wall properly. The brackets can also be incorporated into a clean, accurate mounting procedure based on our measurements.

Customers for Atlantic shutters have an added resource to help them, too: an in-depth instructional YouTube video that you can follow along in your own home, step by step. Seeing the process acted out could help you get even more of an idea of the best approach to proper mounting.

Certain shutter products on our site contain specific mounting instructions on their individual pages. Buying New Horizon Aluminum Bahama Style Shutters? They have a specific display and mounting style, but with a photograph showing measurements and a link to an online shop drawing, you will have an idea of the dimensions for each piece and how they all fit together before you place an order. This shutter comes with a stay bar and top hinge that sets it apart from similar New Horizon offerings.

Since some of our shutters are maintenance-free, setting the shutters in place with proper mounting procedure and tools is one of the most important things you can do to keep them in good condition. Please reach out to us if you have further questions about proper shutter installation and mounting.

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