Vinyl panel style exterior shutters

Our DuraPrene vinyl shutters give you the most style options to choose from over our other brands of vinyl shutters...


Our Perfect Shutters, Inc. Dura-Prene Vinyl Shutters are available in several styles, including different types of panel shutters. The Raised Panel look is a popular one that's also an option for other shutter materials, but the Dura-Prene pieces show a particular range in terms of the panel-based designs. You can get all of the typical benefits of the PSI in shutters that use Raised, Classic or Shaker panels to make the shutters match your design preferences.

Here is a little more information about the different panel shutters in this selection and what you can expect when you order each. The Classic and Raised panels feature a diagram of divider rail configurations:

  • Raised Panels: No matter what they are made of, the traditional design shines through in all Raised panels We have seven different sizes of this model, all of which boast a detailed exterior that looks like real wood finish.
  • Classic Panels: In comparison with the Raised models, the Classic omit the extended higher edges around each panel and offer a simpler, flatter look. There are five different sizes of these shutters available, and you can easily order paint to go along with the shutters so they arrive already sporting the desired coat.
  • Shaker Panels: Shaker Panels are radically different from the previous two designs, but they are an effective model just the same. You can order opened or closed versions, and choose from several color through colors, or choose 'paintable' if you want the option of matching your custom paint yourself. However you order them, these shutters have wide slats, and mounting hardware is included.

Panel shutters are a time-honored way to decorate the windows around your home, and the PSI Dura-Prene page offers a more detailed list of all of this line's key features. These include a lifetime warrant policy for protection against defects.

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