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If you browsed our site, you've no doubt seen several examples of Board & Batten Shutters, one of the more common outdoor shutter styles we feature. Here is some more information about this look and the different ways it appears throughout our catalog. As a simple yet striking option for shutters, this is one that all kinds of homeowners should consider to enhance the area around a window.

First of all, many of the shutter collections we offer feature the Board & Batten as a possible design. Whether it's PlacerCraft Custom Wood, Rockbridge Wood-Composite, New Horizon Polymer Composite or Dura-Prene Vinyl shutters, you can find a version of this classic look in nearly all of the major materials available.

In any form, you can expect a high-quality item with attention paid to detail and a smooth, professional look. The Dura-Prene Vinyl line of shutters also includes Board & Batten models that are extra-wide for larger window spaces.

These shutters conjure up an old-world, traditional feel, whether you decide to use the standard Board & Batten pieces or opt for versions with frames instead. According to an article by Jon Valalik for the old house website Circa, this design was especially popular in the 19th century when American buildings began to draw from European Gothic influences. The "battens" are the smaller strips originally laid across the wider board to keep them in place and create tighter insulation. They are a large part of why Board & Batten shutters create a welcoming, historical atmosphere.

You don't have to have an entire house done in this style to incorporate Board & Batten design into your window settings. Thanks to our many different models, they can be added to a home with ease. You can contact us if you have any further questions regarding these or any other common types of shutters.

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