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Standard color choices are available on our shutters however we can match to any color you provide...


The Rockbridge Composite Shutters in our store offer some special options to customers that have a specific color in mind. With pieces this high-quality, the proper color can help home owners make an impression on viewers, so it's worth reviewing both the standard color selection available and the paint customization options that allows customers to match their shutters to a particular shade.

Shutters styles in this collection include Lover, Panel and Board & Battens, all of which receive the same standard process for paint treatment: A Benjamin Moore Premium Oil Base primer and Ultra-Durable Water-Borne Acrylic PPG Break-Through acrylic paint for the finish coat. You can also choose just a primer coat if that's preferred and then paint them yourself or have your painter finish them for you.

Our site lists 9 different colors already available for the composite wood shutters, from brilliant white to black. Interested in seeing a sample? Request one online using the "message" field of our simple online contact form.

For the custom paint option, customers can use either standard or True-Match color matching, available for $200 and $550, respectively. Both are effective options, and differ only in the way the color is approved by you. With the "standard" color matching package, we paint shutters before shipping based on a customer paint sample or number. The factory matches the color and does not send an advance color strike-off for approval by you.

By comparison, "True-Match" adds an extra step for recipients that requires you to send back approval once you have received a sample strike-off that the factory will mail to you. The factory has will include any leftover paint as well. The "True-Match" gives you the most control over the making sure the color matches exactly as you expected.

For more information about painting these shutters, download the Install & Painting recommendations from our site that is on the product page. These feature basic tips for making sure the paint dries correctly and the quality of the shutters isn't damaged in the process.

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