The Foundry "Shapes" Collection

Signifying attention to detail, Foundry shapes distinguish a home with exceptional dimension. Whether you choose to accent a gable or create visual interest that extends all the way around your home, the possibilities are endless with our house siding for sale! Our six classic shapes of Foundry Specialty Siding are available in 6" exposure to suit a variety of architecture styles, from Victorian to Cape Cod to contemporary eclectic. Just like our Shingles, Foundry Shapes are crafted with real cedar molds, delivering genuine, subtle texture.

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  • Round

    Rounds are our most popular, versatile Shape, adding distinctive dimension in gables and applications that deliver texture all the way around the home.

  • Hexagon

    One of our most horizontally-oriented Shapes, the Hexagon profile is a perfect accent for larger gables and wider walls.

  • Mitered Corner

    Mitered Corner
    For high visual interest, the Mitered Corner Shape features a traditional combination of curves and crisp edges.

  • Fish Scale

    Fish Scale
    For subtle dimension, the soft curves of our Fish Scale Shapes lend attractive appeal for a variety of architectural styles.

  • Octagon

    The angles and deep recesses created by our Octagon Shapes create wonderful contrasts of  light and shadow.

  • Half Cove

    Half Cove
    With artistic shaping and visual excitement, the Half Cove is our most unique Shape.